[Tutor] back-quotes to print dictionary [use pychecker --- it's cool!]

Danny Yoo dyoo@hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu
Sun Apr 20 04:39:00 2003

> But if you replace:
>              result = result + " " +`element`
> with:
>              result = result + " " + elem
> then the program does exactly what it is expected to do:
> contains: pear apple grape

Hi everyone,

By the way, folks on the list may be interested in the 'pychecker'


'Pychecker' can often catch typos and common bugs so that we don't get
zapped so easily.  For example, here's pychecker's output when I ran it on
reavey's basket code:

bash-2.05a$ pychecker basket.py
Processing basket...


basket.py:10: Local variable (elem) not used
basket.py:11: No global (element) found

Hope this helps!