[Tutor] Any good way to read Tutor mails?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld@freenet.co.uk
Sun Apr 20 11:51:02 2003

> Are you getting a digest version of the list?
> If so, it's  not your mailreader, it's just that you would prefer
> mails rather than a daily digest. To fix this, you need to reset
> settings on the following question:

Hmm, I get the digest in MIME format and it seems to work OK.

I get a list of message titles, I can select any one for reading and
hit Reply
or Reply-All to reply and the subject etc are all copied across ok.
using Outlook or Outlook Express. (I actually prefer the way OE does
with a simple list over Outlook which gives me a split pane window)

OTOH If you are using a web mail client that will depend entirely on
it handles MIME attachments.

Alan G.