[Tutor] Any good way to read Tutor mails?

Charlie Clark charlie@begeistert.org
Sun Apr 20 12:03:02 2003

> Hi all,
> For a long time I've been wondering how you guys read and reply the py 
> Tutor emails. Is there any package, any module that can let you read one 
> specific message and just hit one [reply] button to reply that message to 
> either the sender or the list? 
> The commonly-used email clients seem to fail in this regard, and I have 
> been bothered by having to cut and paste the message body when replying. 

Hi pan,

In the BeOS the default behaviour of e-mail clients is to include only 
selected text in an e-mail which makes replying to the digest quite easy: I 
just mark the message I want to reply to and press reply. It doesn't, 
however, automatically do reply to all which is how I like to reply to this 
list. I think Eudora used to be like that but the last time I used it 
didn't do this any more. I've thought about possible ways of improving 
things like a tree display: it's quite easy on the BeOS because every 
e-mail is an individual file. As has already been said it should be quite 
easy to parse a digest mail (from Mailman) as the separators and many of 
the headers are kept. So I might come up with something like this for the 
BeOS. That said this is a very niche OS so it wouldn't have much relevance 
for other systems which _generally_ use the mbox format. I recently got 
into trouble on the FreeBSD list which up until recently was Majordomo 
based because a lot of users depend on the mail-id's for threading in their 
programs (I think Mutt does this) and digests make a mess of such id's. 
Someone else is likely to have had a similar idea and possibly come up with 
a solution. What OS are you using?

But if you're using a web-mail client I don't know what can be done other 
than write your own using the new mail module and HTML to give you internal 
anchors and possibly multi-part forms. This would be an interesting project 
and not to difficult I think.