[Tutor] __init__ for class instantiation?

Zak Arntson zak@harlekin-maus.com
Fri Apr 25 11:53:02 2003

Here's a short history: I'm working on an interactive fiction engine, and
I'd like to create a list of verbs dynamically, based on the classes

My current solution is to define the class, then run a verb-grabber
function right after that definition:

import wordlist

def getActions (thingClass):
    for m in dir (thingClass):
        if m [:4] == 'act_':
            wordlist.addVerb (m [4:])

# Player class, where act_* defines a verb
class Player (Thing):
  def __init__ (self):
     ... code ...
  def act_go (self, parsed):
     ... code ...
  def act_look (self, parsed):
     ... code ...

getActions (Player)


My question is: Is there a function I can define in the base Thing class
which would run once Player (or any other Thing child) has been fully
defined? Or is my current solution as close as I can get?


Lastly, thanks for the quick answers to my last question! I'm looking
forward to being a contributing part of this list.

Zak Arntson
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