[Tutor] Python and Apache (OT)

Isaac Hall hall@ouhep1.nhn.ou.edu
Fri Apr 25 17:14:01 2003

>From reading this, it looks like the guy really didnt want to write this 
piece to begin with.  he states something to the effect that he thinks 
python is not very widely used for cgi scripting, however it is my 
understanding that python works very well for cgi scripting, and is 
widely used for that purpose.  his rail on indentation seems a bit 
asinine, but thats just my opinion.  I happen to love pythons indentation, 
and have carried over the use of indentation into my C++ coding, despite not 
needing it (its much easier to look for an indented block than some damn 
squiggly brace.)  Maybe the concept of indentation over braces ires 
oldtimers, as it goes a long way into forcing one to write organized code, 
which is easily read by anyone. (I recently had the very un-fun experience 
of having to modify someone elses very un-organized C++ code, and it 
almost drove me mad trying to figure out what the heck the code was 
doing!  Organized C++ is hard enough to understand if you didnt write 

Anyway, overall I think this guy was writing a piece he really didnt want 
to have to write in the first place.  He obviously didnt put much time 
into exploring python.  Its really a shame that people might read this 
with no prior knowledge of python and form an opinon based on this piece.


On Fri, 25 Apr 2003, Timothy M. Brauch wrote:

> Python seems to be getting a bad rap in a web-based addition to the book
> "Apache: The Definitive Guide, 3rd ed.", Peter Laurie.
> <http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/apache/2003/04/10/apacheandpython.html>
> He was unfamiliar with Python,  but "in an hour or so" he was able to create
> a cgi script.  That makes Python seem rather easy to learn, right?  He also
> complained about the indenting.  And, he says it "lack[s] some of the bells
> and whistles other languages offer."  [side note: I have no idea how to
> write a script in Java or Perl that will ftp into a site, get a specific
> file, strip all the excess that doesn't interest me, reformat what is left
> over in the style I need, log into another ftp server and publish the
> information as an html document.  I did this in about 5 minutes with Python
> the other day].
> Anyway, read for yourself and leave a comment or two if you wish.
>  - Tim
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