[Tutor] reloading all modules?

Magnus Lyckå magnus@thinkware.se
Tue Apr 29 22:28:04 2003

At 18:09 2003-04-29 -0700, Zak Arntson wrote:
>I'm working on a project in IDLE, and I often modify several modules at
>once. When I change a module, I've got to save it and reload () it. This
>can be a pain with reloading 3 modules every time I want to rerun my
>Is there a way to reload all imported modules in memory? Or del them all?

In IDLE? Don't think so...

My suggestion is to just edit filed in IDLE (or PythonWin or
whatever) and then run them from the command line. Then you
get a fresh start every time, and your running program isn't
"disturbed" by all the modules in IDLE etc. Printing will be
much faster, there are no problem with GUI event loops messing
things up for each other--as well as the load problem.

I guess using an IDE which always run the code in a separate
process helps. Try IDLE-fork for the most convenient way to
get that feature.

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