[Tutor] reloading all modules?

Bob Gailer bgailer@alum.rpi.edu
Wed Apr 30 06:01:02 2003

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At 06:09 PM 4/29/2003 -0700, Zak Arntson wrote:

>I'm working on a project in IDLE, and I often modify several modules at
>once. When I change a module, I've got to save it and reload () it. This
>can be a pain with reloading 3 modules every time I want to rerun my
>Is there a way to reload all imported modules in memory? Or del them all?

2 ideas:
import sys
for module in sys.modules.values():
I use PythonWin. There are a lot of PythonWin-related things in 
sys.modules, and at least one of them won't reload; that's the reason for 
the try.

1st improvement: keep a list of the modules you want to reload and iterate 
over that list instead on sys.modules.

2nd idea:
I wrote a module manager that makes certain checks to see if a reload is 
needed; my main program uses the module manager to import/reload as needed 
and to run the module's code. If interested let me know.

Bob Gailer
303 442 2625

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