[Tutor] Question about nested FOR looping

Bob Gailer bgailer@alum.rpi.edu
Wed Apr 30 10:18:58 2003

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At 09:17 AM 4/30/2003 -0400, stuart_clemons@us.ibm.com wrote:
>I'm a newbie playing around with nested FOR loops using readlines or a
>defined list.  I noticed the looping action of the nested FOR is different
>depending on if the input data is coming from a file (readlines) or a
>defined list.  Note, that only the nested FOR input source makes a
>difference in the output results.  The data source of the top level FOR
>loop doesn't seem to affect the looping action of the nested FOR.
>Below are the program and results.  Can anyone explain why the looping
>action is different depending on the nested FOR input source (readlines vs
>defined list) ?
>Please let me know if this not clear.  (It doesn't look all that clear to
>me !)
>Here's the text file, subitems.txt:
>Nested looping from a defined list:
>###### Start Program #######
>import string
>mF = file('g:\python22\sctest\\master.txt', 'r')   # This file contains the
>same data as the master list (below)
>#sF = file('g:\python22\sctest\\subitems.txt', 'r') # This file contains
>the same data as the subitems list (below)
>#master = ['1', '2', '3', '4', '5']       # This list = Master.txt (above)
>subitems = ['1', '3', '5']                # This list = subitems.txt
>for m in mF.readlines():    # Read data from master.txt file
>#for m in master:           # Or, read data for master list
>       m = m.strip()
>       #for s in sF.readlines():    # Read data from subitems.txt file
>       for s in subitems:         # Or, read data from subitems list
>             s = s.strip()
>             if s == m:
>             print "this num is duplicate: ", m
>             break
>       if s <> m:
>       print "this num is unique: ", m
>###### End Program #########
>The result of running the program is this:
>this num is duplicate:  1
>this num is unique:  2
>this num is duplicate:  3
>this num is unique:  4
>this num is duplicate: 5
>If the nested loop uses readlines to input data from subitems.txt, the
>result is this:
>this num is duplicate:  1
>this num is unique:  2
>this num is unique:  3
>this num is unique:  4
>this num is unique:  5
>Why are they different ?

Repeating "for s in subitems:" reuses the list each time
The first call to "for s in sF.readlines():" reads to end of file. 
Subsequent calls do NOT move to start of file; just return ''.

Bob Gailer
303 442 2625

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