[Tutor] Upgrading 2.2 to 2.3

Alan Gauld alan.gauld@blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Aug 3 13:13:01 EDT 2003

> I can't find any info on upgrading on python.org. Am I supposed to:
> a) put 2.3 over 2.2 in the same folder?

You can do that but I'd probably advise against it.

> b) uninstall 2.2 then install 2.3?

Thats usually how I do it. The uninstall will leave your Python 
directory alone if it has locally defined packages added. 
So just reinstall in the same place.

> c) install 2.3 in a new folder (what happens to all my old
> site-packages?) ?

You can have two versions if you wish, just make sure you 
call the right one for your programs - check PATH order etc.

Alan G.

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