[Tutor] Job posting at LucasArts

Magnus Lyckå magnus@thinkware.se
Mon Jun 30 05:42:02 2003

At 17:50 2003-06-26 +0100, Shey Crompton wrote:
>There are a few games companies that have started using Python. Some use it
>for relatively small scripts, others are using it as a main part of the game

George Lucas' special effects company, Industrial Light and Magic,
has used Python extensively since 1996 for animations etc.
See http://www.pythonology.org/success&story=ilm

Walt Disney Feature Animation uses it too. See

It's also used by a number of games companies. Some I know of are:

  * Totally Games uses Python in Star Trek Bridge Commander.

  * Asbahr.com has ported Python to PlayStation 2 and Nintendo
    GameCube, and use it for e.g. "Ultima Online 2" and "Beyond".

  * Humongous Entertainment uses Python for their new games, such
    as "Backyard Hockey", and they also wrote an open source remote
    debugger for Python.

  * Microforte uses Python in "Big World".

  * Butterfly.net uses Python for advanced interactions between players
    and non-player characters.

  * It's also used in "Freedom Force" from Irrational Games.
    See http://store.pyzine.com/article.phtml?a=7

I don't know who the producers are, but as far as I understand, Python
is also used in ToonTown, EveOnline, Blade of Darkness, Cars with guns
and Frequency (PS2).

Searching the net, you'll find things like:

"Electronic Arts (and its subsidiary Origin Systems) is looking to hire
talented Python programmers who are interested in working on massively
multiplayer online games." (From September 1999, probably hired someone
by now... ;)

"Hunting Tank Software is looking for an additional analyst / programmer to 
on our first title, a turn-based WWII Operational Level Wargame.

Candidates should have knowledge and experience with (in order of importance):
- Python
- XP (Unit Testing, Pair Programming)
- Object Oriented Design and Programming
- Patterns-based Programming

Familiarity with wargames of this genre would be useful.

The position will be Part or Full time (to be negotiated), and will involve
work in the Melbourne area (Brighton and CBD) and possibly some work from 
(That was February this year...)

See also http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1584502584
"Sean Riley (Austin, TX) has been using python for almost three years and 
is currently
involved in two large-scale commercial game development projects using python."

See also http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/moinmoin/GameProgramming

Python is also used in tools that games developers might well use,
such as Blender, Poser, trueSpace, Real's Helix Network, PaintShop
Pro and Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.

Knowing Python might be a good thing for someone who wants to get
involved in games development. But I still think C++ is the main
development language there...

See also http://pygame.org/

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