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Brett Kelly inkedmn at inkedmn.homelinux.org
Thu Nov 6 16:16:09 EST 2003

Care to link us to this app?  i'm curious to see a good-sized example of
wxPython... :)

Sometime around Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 09:53:32AM -0600, Karl Fast said:
> > I am coding in a procedural way, and then going back over the code
> > and recoding parts into an OO model. Is this a normal...
> I found something similar, at first. I was never formally taught OO,
> and my programming experience was mainly fortran, pascal, perl, IDL,
> and assembler....the whole OO thing was a mind twister. But
> increasingly it feels more natural, and python made the transition
> reasonably painless.
> Several factors helped me make the jump: a big-ish project, a GUI
> interface using wxPython, and several weeks of uninterrupted time to
> work on it. The GUI bit was both the most frustrating and the most
> helpful (wxPython is big, but is easier if you think OOP).
> The project was (is!) a custom web spider. I'd used perl for similar
> programs and my conception of the problem was a long-running batch
> job. I thought about it in a procedural way (instantiating objects
> from perl modules, but never creating my own classes).
> I started doing things procedurally, but the GUI bit slowly helped
> me understand the OO paradigm and forced me to begin making my own
> classes. I rewrote my procedural code into some classes, making it
> much easier to fit it into the wxPython framework.
> I still think procedurally, but I no longer hesitate to create my
> own classes. Lots left to learn, but in three weeks I've come a long
> ways. I couldn't have come this far in C++ or Java.
> Yesterday I was asked to quickly whip up a small robot for a related
> project. I immediately subclassed some classes I made for the other
> project, imported a few more, and in a few hours the basic shell was
> all done. Up with OO and code reuse!
> --karl
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