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Daniel Ehrenberg littledanehren at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 6 20:05:49 EST 2003

> Hi, I have been studying python for a month or so
> now and have written a few
> small apps the main being a  ~300 line application.
> I am finding as I work
> through things that I am coding in a procedural way,
> and then going back
> over the code and recoding parts into an OO model.
> Is this a normal
> progression, or should I be trying to force myself
> into an initial OO
> model, my brain just doesn't seem to think like
> that, and I have work
> through a procedural method to actually solve the
> problem. Do experienced
> programmers find this sometimes also? 

No, that's completely normal. Before I learned Python,
I was using TI-83 calculator basic. It is the most
imperitive programming language short of assembly.
When I learned Python, I really hated that you
couldn't use the GOTO command, and I was mistified at
the for loops. It took me a while to learn the
programming style of Python, but now I can write
semi-useful, object-oriented programs.

Daniel Ehrenberg

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