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Karl Fast karl.fast at pobox.com
Fri Nov 7 10:53:11 EST 2003

> Care to link us to this app?  i'm curious to see a good-sized example of
> wxPython... :)

I can't right now, and am not sure I'll be able to. I will if I'm
allowed to.

However, I can shared several sources of good information and
examples, including full working apps:

* The wxPython Wiki

  There are some good starter tutorials here with sample code. Not as
  complete as I'd like and sometimes hard to find your way around,
  but this is one of the most important resources you'll find. 

* the wxGlade tutorial
  There are several tools for making wxPython coding easier. Boa and
  Pythoncard are frameworks/IDEs. I tried them, but for various
  reasons decided not to use them. wxGlade and wxDesigner are GUI
  code generators, not IDEs: you lay out the interface, it generates
  the code, and you use this to build your GUI.
  I chose wxGlade, used the tutorial, studied the code, and then began
  learning how to build an application around that.

* Cornice

  This is a cross-platform image browser written in wxPython and
  partially built with wxGlade. The source code for this has been
  extremely helpful.

Other good examples of wxPython apps built with wxGlade can be found
here. I looked at many of these:


Hope this helps.

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