[Tutor] Re: special object method for method calls?

Abel Daniel abli at freemail.hu
Tue Nov 11 19:51:23 EST 2003

Lance E Sloan writes:
> Is there a special method that's called when the method of a class is
> called?  That is, I know __getattr__() is called when an attribute of
> a class is requested.  Is there something like __callmethod__()?
See http://python.org/doc/current/ref/callable-types.html

Note that the _method's_ __call__ method will be called, not the
class's, so its not exactly what you wanted. However, it's pretty easy
to fake it:

class A:
    def __getattr__(self, name):
        def f(*a, **kw):
            print 'called %s' % name
        return f

    def notify(self):
        print 'our method was called'

>>> a=A()
>>> a.foo()
our method was called
called foo
>>> a.bar
<function f at 0x40214e64>
>>> a.zork()
our method was called
called zork
>>> f=a.bar
>>> f()
our method was called
called bar

Abel Daniel

p.s. you might also want to look at
(I have to admit I have no idea how that works.)

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