[Tutor] Re: Speeding up file processing?

Abel Daniel abli at freemail.hu
Tue Nov 11 22:07:19 EST 2003

Clay Shirky  writes:

> So I have a webserver log, and need to post process it a bit. I wrote a
> simple script in both python and perl, and the perl runs just about twice as
> fast.
> Here are the two scripts -- the logic is line-by-line identical, except for
> one try/except idiom. My question is: what should I do to speed up the
> python?

[...snipped code...]

I haven't tried it but maybe the following help:

 - merge the two 'if re.search(): continue' into one search

 - use pre-compiled regexes (i.e. use re.compile. In your python
   version you to compile the same regexes for every line, and I think
   that's what slows you down.)

Abel Daniel

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