[Tutor] (probably obvious) question about Tkinter

Ben McGinnes benm at cyber.com.au
Wed Nov 12 20:45:56 EST 2003

Good morning(-ish),
		I have a brief query about Python with Tkinter.  I
programmed a cute little thing which I call Time Check using Python (of
course) and Tkinter (because it was there).  It was an excuse to fiddle
and see what stuff did.

The web page for it (and prior versions) is here:

The current version (0.1.3) is here:

It does more or less what I want it to do in that it opens up new
widgets to show different things and can produce relevant results.

When it does this, however, it leaves the previous widget open.  This is
fine for the main/starting screen, but with the other widgets it can get
a little annoying.  I'm sure there's a standard command which will close
a widget without closing the entire program (via sys.exit) and would
love to know what it is.

I've trawled through _Programming Python_ and _Python In A Nutshell_,
but cannot find it.  I also haven't been able to find the appropriate
way to phrase what I'm looking for such that Google will return the
result I want.  ;)

Thanks in advance and please post responses to the list.


PS:  Yes, I know wxPython is supposed to be the "wave of the future,"
but I'll get to that in good time.

PPS:  Alex Martelli, thanks for writing _Python In A Nutshell_ it
combined with Alan Gauld's tutorial helped me more than _Learning
Python_, which was painful to read (no offence to Mark Lutz & David
Ascher, but it really wasn't a good book to learn from).

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