[Tutor] How to get Python Tutorial all in one document for better printing?

Jeff Shannon jeff at ccvcorp.com
Thu Nov 13 15:08:54 EST 2003

Scott Chapman wrote:

>>>Is there a way to get the Python Tutorial all in one document so I
>>>can print it without wasting so much paper?
>>Do you mean another format besides html?  If so, the Tutorial (along
>>with the other documentation) is available in PDF, PostScript, and
>>LaTeX source formats at the following address:
> No, I mean HTML - all one file with the table of contents at the top for 
> each section and subsection.

If you're intending to print it out, why do you want HTML?  HTML is 
great for screen viewing, but as a format for specifying printed 
output it's far from ideal.  And putting everything in one huge 
document would eliminate half the benefits of HTML anyhow.  The other 
formats that Norvell mentioned, on the other hand, are intended from 
the start to be printer-friendly.  What you really want is to have a 
version in HTML to view online, and a separate PDF/PostScript version 
to print out.

(I'm pretty sure that the tutorial is *not* available as a single huge 
HTML document, unless you count the Windows .chm version which is no 
more suited for being printed in its entirety.)

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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