[Tutor] How to get Python Tutorial all in one document for better printing?

Scott Chapman scott_list at mischko.com
Thu Nov 13 15:37:02 EST 2003

On Thursday 13 November 2003 12:08, Jeff Shannon wrote:
> Scott Chapman wrote:
> >>>Is there a way to get the Python Tutorial all in one document so I
> >>>can print it without wasting so much paper?
> >>
> >>Do you mean another format besides html?  If so, the Tutorial
> >> (along with the other documentation) is available in PDF,
> >> PostScript, and LaTeX source formats at the following address:
> >
> > No, I mean HTML - all one file with the table of contents at the
> > top for each section and subsection.
> If you're intending to print it out, why do you want HTML?  HTML is
> great for screen viewing, but as a format for specifying printed
> output it's far from ideal.  And putting everything in one huge
> document would eliminate half the benefits of HTML anyhow.  The other
> formats that Norvell mentioned, on the other hand, are intended from
> the start to be printer-friendly.  What you really want is to have a
> version in HTML to view online, and a separate PDF/PostScript version
> to print out.

All that you've said is true in the main.  However HTML prints quite 
well for the Python docs.  They are not making use of fancy tables, 
etc.  I can make my side margins a bit bigger with HTML.  I can't do 
that with PDF's.  The other Python modules, such as Psycopg, Draco, 
etc. all use the same doc format as the Python Tutor and they print 
nicely as well right from HTML.  This is not about printing all docs 
from HTML where PDF would work better, just Python-related docs.

The problem I have is that some of these HTML docs have lots of very 
little files that end up wasting a lot of paper.  I'd be happy with 
HTML all-in-one-file or PDF that didn't page break at each sub-topic.  
The Python Tutorial PDF's would work fine in my case except that 
Acrobat Reader 5.1 won't print it to either of my printers. (I can 
print HTML just fine.  I'll try upgrading Acrobat, etc.)

I can't get the other docs (Draco, Psycopg, etc. ) in PDF format all the 
time.  Often they are just published by the author in one format.  
Thus, I need to know how to turn these into single HTML files (or PDF 
files with my margins specified), easily, if possible.


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