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Andrei project5 at redrival.net
Sat Nov 15 06:56:14 EST 2003

Thomas Chmelik wrote on Fri, 14 Nov 2003 23:04:01 -0500:

> i am a beginning programmer and would really like to learn how to program in 
> python, my teacher says it is a simple yet powerful computer language and 
> can be learned by almost anyone, but he says lots of logic is involved in 
> writing much of the programs, which i would love to do, but are there any 

Your teacher is right :).

> tips you can give me, or any projects or programs to write to get me going 

I for one prefer working through a tutorial first. Look on the Python.org
page at the beginners section - there are several good newbie tutorials,
like Alan Gauld's, or How to think like a computer scientist in Python. 

Once you know all basics, you can start coding some simple project.
Depending on what your interests are, pick something that can be done in
less than 100 lines of code. A simple quiz, number guessing game, hangman,
etc. Once you've figured it out, pick something harder. If you know what
you want to use programming for (games, web, database, sciences, etc.), you
can start focusing on that particular topic.

> to become a good programmer, please email me at tachmelik13 at hotmail.com.

You should read the list if you want to learn Python IMO. Even if you don't
have questions, just by reading other people's problems and solutions, you
can learn things that might come in useful some time. Make sure when you
subscribe that you select for the digest delivery method, otherwise you'll
get lots of inidividual messages. Or use gmane.org to read the list as a
newsgroup, the address is gmane.comp.python.tutor.



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