[Tutor] Re: Re: How to "install" new package?

Branimir Petrovic BranimirP at cpas.com
Sat Nov 15 12:05:20 EST 2003

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> From: Andrei [mailto:project5 at redrival.net]
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> > it does not work like that for me. My fear is that the problem 
> > has to do with where I've installed Python - instead in default
> > C:\Python23 I installed it in C:\Py232. 
> Nah, I have Python in non-standard folders too (in fact, even 
> non-standard
> drives). Can't be the problem.

Andrei, you are 100% right! Non-standard location for Python 
install is NOT it. As matter of fact, problem was in the way 
I tried to "install" the package. I did this:

C:\Py232>python C:\Python22Stuff\cx_PyOracleLib-2.1\setup.py install

Instead of:

C:\temp\cx_PyOracleLib-2.1>C:\Py232\python setup.py install
(python.exe is on my system path)

The difference - current working directory MUST be one where 
package setup.py is! 

Once I've started from proper place distutils created: 
C:\temp\cx_PyOracleLib-2.1\build\lib then placed 
required modules inside lib, then copied stuff to Python's
site-packages, then compiled all copied modules, and then 
I became richer for an experience...

So the moral of the story is - "Always change your working 
directory to temp folder where the package you want to 
install is before issuing setup.py install!". 

Thanks for help.


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