[Tutor] IDLE question

Gregor Lingl glingl at aon.at
Sun Nov 16 05:53:07 EST 2003

Peter Jakubowicz schrieb:

> Hi,
> After having been idle myself w/r/t Python programming for a while, 
> I've just installed version 2.3. For some weird reason, I can run 
> programs from the command line and from the interactive prompt; but I 
> can't run a script in IDLE, i.e., write my script in a new window and 
> then press F5; when I do, the focus switches back to the interactive 
> window and my program hasn't run. I had no problems with the previous 
> version of IDLE. Any help would be appreciated. TIA,

Hi Peter,

Does your programm produce any output? E. g. via print statements? (Or 
does it only
define functions?)

Or is it a GUI-Program using Tkinter? In this case IDLE 1.0 behaves 
different form
the older versions.

If you sent a short sample-program showing your problem, more precise 
help could be given.

Regards, Gregor

> Peter
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