[Tutor] Unix philosophy

Daniel Ehrenberg littledanehren at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 17 20:25:15 EST 2003

Guillermo Fernandez Castellanos wrote:
> Hi,
> I was having a look at the UNIX philosophy and I
> readed that:
> "Make every program a filter
> This makes it easy to build a set of filter
> components into ``one big 
> filter.'' Programs can communicate by explicitly
> reading and writing 
> files; that is / much / more complex to manage, and
> requires a lot of 
> disk I/O for interim output. A set of filters may
> pass data straight 
> from memory buffer to memory buffer, avoiding disk
> altogether."
> I was wondering how I could be able to make my
> python programs work in a 
> filter mode?
> Thanks,
> Guille

There are probably other ways to do this using exec or
something, but I'd probably make all of the programs
as libraries and make one short script connecting them
all together. You know how do do that, don't you?

Daniel Ehrenberg

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