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On Fri, 21 Nov 2003 10:12:53 +0700, Rozani Ismail <rozani at bppn.go.id> wrote:

>I'm new to this program .... 
>I'd like to know the pros and cons Python from your point of view...
I'm two weeks into Python, but I come from Pascal, BASIC, JAL, assembler,

very powerful
batteries included
good suport
forces you to write in OO style
easy to learn compared to other languages
open source

(not only the languages, but a lot of the programs too. This forces you to
write better programs)

a bit difficult to learn (the % operator comes to mind)
few examples on the low level
manual has a small and too simple Tutor section 
manual has a very formal Reference section
forces you to write in OO style

every command should have a decent Example. (Yes, this increases the number of
pages in the manual tenfold.)

Nearly all of the cons are one-time only. I had difficulty understanding some
stuff which was not or not well explained. Then again, I learned Python in two
weeks to get to the level that took me in Pascal 5 years!

Shedding the Pascal and BASIC legacy took some time (days) too.
I do things now in Python I could not imagine doing in Pascal or C ever again.
The configparser, for example.

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