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>I'm sure there's a way to do this in python, but I haven't found it yet.

Use properties -- look in the doc, under language reference,
customizing attribute access.

Then read this:


I'll quote the important part:

Mistake 2: writing "language X" code in Python

This is a mistake that is almost unavoidable. You come from, say,
Pascal, and try your hand at Python. The first code you write will
probably look like Pascal with a Python syntax. You are writing Pascal
code in Python.

Some notorious symptoms of "language X" code, and the languages that
may cause them:

- You're really paranoid about data hiding (some would call this
"encapsulation"), and/or write getters and setters for all object
attributes. (Java, C++, Delphi)

- You overuse properties (one of the shiny new features in Python
2.2). (Java, Delphi, maybe Visual Basic, C++?)

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G. Rodrigues

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