[Tutor] Starting with Python

the_investor the_investor at ziplip.com
Mon Nov 24 03:24:14 EST 2003

Hello all!

I am a beginner to the Python languasge and after spending many hours behind the screen with MS Excel I have finally came to the realisation that I need to take the next step by learning a computer language.

I started with VB.NET but likened it to me sitting in a pilot's seat - and I don't know anything but flying bar flapping my arms!!

So far I have floated around many of the beginner's stuff and can somewhat confidently state that I know a little of the basics.

Now for the reason of this post...

I want to take the next big leap by giving myself a *difficult* assignment on changing a simple spreadsheet that I created many moons ago and forming it into a Python program.

Unfortunately there is a heap of stuff out there and someone like me can get caught up chasing their tail just in finding a suitable IDE!

Anyhow, in closing... 

Let's say, for now, I wish to create a simple line chart from a static table plotting X & Y values (something which is simple for me to do in Excel)... where best to dive into (databases? wx?...)?

Or have I totally dove into the deep end!!!!



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