[Tutor] Writing BINARY-CONTENT

Stefan Dieck dieck.s at dsoftware.de
Mon Nov 24 03:45:38 EST 2003

>> a = open('c:\\test.me', 'wb')   # opens a file for binary writing

>This is correct for writing binary.  Are you sure that the program or
>you're using to check this isn't opening the file in text mode (with 'r'
>instead of 'rb')?
Yes I'm sure to open in binary mode

There is a huge problem around this:

 If I want write 256 "different" bytes. Python put 257 bytes to the File.
 On reading, the lenght is 256 bytes to work with. (-1)

 It seems like the size I expect, but the file on the disk has more bytes.
(not really good for binaries)

 But such a behavior can corrupt my data.

Isn't there a better or a fixed method to open and handle binaries?



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