Re: [Tutor] Image Viewer

Magnus Lycka magnus at
Tue Nov 25 10:05:19 EST 2003

> I need to create an image viewer(fcheck like, which makes slide show). 
> Is Python the right tool for this. I want to make a very very small 
> application just for seeing images, slide-show. How hard to create this 
> apps with Python ? Which path i must follow :) Thank you

It depends on what you mean by small...
I'm sure you can write a fairly small python script that
does this, but if you want to distribute it to people who
don't have Python installed, and want to give them a
simple executable, it will be big, since it will include
both the Python runtime environment and the libraries you

Another relevant factor is operating system. Python is probably
one of the better choices if you want platform independence.

Have a look at PIL:

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