[Tutor] convert to exe?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Nov 25 17:13:52 EST 2003

> well this is sorta a stupid question, but i just started to

Nope, not stupid, in fact it comes up regularly.

> the interpreter works fine for all program testing purposes,

It works fine for running your final programs too, its only
a problem if you need to share your [rograms with someone
who doesn't have Python installed. Java and Visual Basic
have this problem too and they get round it by making
everyone install the VB DLL and the JVM. So you could be
like Sun and Microsoft and insist that everyone installs
Python if they want to use your programs. You could even
include Python on the distribution CD...

If you really must make an exe there are a coupkle of programs
for doing so but neither are easy for beginners so you'll need
to be patient a wee while yet till you get a bit more experience,
then go find py2exe or Gordon McMillan's installer.

Personally I use the Java approach!

Alan G.

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