[Tutor] IDE

john fleming fleming.j at comcast.net
Wed Nov 26 00:06:45 EST 2003

Okan Asik wrote:

> What's the most common IDE you people using while writing your own 
> programs ?
I have used emacs in linux and windows. If you want to try it in windows 
I suggest using Xemacs because it comes with python mode configured. But 
I learned a few things about wxPython by using boa constructor. It has 
an editing mode that lists properties that can be changed and you can 
edit your program by changing things there, and watching the result on 
your app. The seperate files for PyApp and Pyframe portions of the 
program I found confusing though and prefer to write the main framework 
of a program with one file until I get a better understanding of where 
to put things.
John F

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