[Tutor] Re: IDE

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Nov 26 15:43:37 EST 2003

> I've been reading  The Pragmatic Programmer.

An excellent book for the intermediate level programmer.

> recommends finding a powerful editor to help make you more
> IMHO, VIM & EMACS are probably the top two.

Yes, my only disagreement with them is that they suggest sticking
with one.
I use both emacs and vim for different things. vim is great for
fast edits to
existing text - its search tools are peerless. Emacs is better
for creating
new text and for making large scale changes over many files (its
capabilities are much better than vim)

> BTW, I believe that development on XEMACS has stopped, and most
of the
> features that were in XEMACS are now in EMACS.

Really? I must check that out. Xemacs was well ahead of emacs for
a spell.

Alan g.

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