[Tutor] readline under linux

Guillermo Fernandez Castellanos guillermo.fernandez at epfl.ch
Thu Nov 27 05:18:31 EST 2003


>Although you have the readline library installed, you might not have the
>readline 'development' files that Python needs when it compiles support
>for readline.  Many Linux distributions will decouple the development
>stuff from the main library, so you may need to install the readline-devel
>stuff first, and then recompile Python.
Actually I compiled Python a while ago, so I did not think about 
checking the ./configure again...

I did as Daniel sugested:
$ ./configure |grep read
[thread support snip]
checking for readlink... yes
checking for rl_pre_input_hook in -lreadline... no
checking for rl_completion_matches in -lreadline... no
I suppose from here that the readline-devel stuf is not installed.
The problem is that I'm not root on my machine, and the sysadmin is not 
very oppened to install new packages. Do you think it would be posible 
for me to compile the dev stuff into my account and use it for 
compilation? I've already done it for other librairies (sqlite for 
instance) but I've never tried with only the developmentpart of a 
library, and I'm afraid I could break up some other things...

Otherwise, I checked and I did not even see the readline.py file in my 
/home/myself/lib/python23/, but I guess it's normal if it did not compile...



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