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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Nov 27 17:50:13 EST 2003

> > > What's the most common IDE you people using while writing
your own
> > > programs ?
> >
> > Not sure if it counts, but I use vim
> I use VIM too, but I'm relatively new to VIM and haven't got it
> down.
> Is there a tutorial on using VIM to develop in python?

Really its more about learning to use the vi editor.
VIM is "Vi Improved" and to get the best you really need to know

The best tutor for vi that I know is called teachvi (also
sometimes found as learnvi) and is a Unix shell script
based tutor in 5 parts but you need a way to run Bourne
shell scripts - ether Linux or Cygwin will do.

It really explains the vi philosophy such that once you get
it the vi commands become totally intuitive and you start
to be able to guess what they will be without looking them up.

Once you know vi the menu system in Vim provides much of
the rest, plus reading the help pages on the extras like
folding and splitting windows and using visual blocks for
cut n paste etc.

VIM also includes facilities for calling a compiler, which
could be a python command window so at a push of a button
you can run your script.

But the usual way I do it is just have two windows open,
one with vim and the other a simple OS prompt. Once you
type the run command in once simple command recall means
its two button pushes to run it again - and you know that
the behaviour will be exactly like the production version,
which isn't always true of an IDE.


Alan G.

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