[Tutor] Re: IDE

Abel Daniel abli at freemail.hu
Fri Nov 28 17:40:15 EST 2003

Mike Hansen <mhansen at cso.atmel.com> writes:
> BTW, I believe that development on XEMACS has stopped, and most of the
> features that were in XEMACS are now in EMACS.
well, according to http://xemacs.org/About/XEmacsVsGNUemacs.html :

 There are currently irreconcilable differences in the views about
 technical, programming, design and organizational matters between
 Richard Stallman (RMS) and the XEmacs development team which provide
 little hope for a merge to take place in the short-term future.

The fact that emacs is getting features xemacs had before doesn't mean
that xemacs development stopped or that there is a merger going
on. (They might be reimplemented in emacs. Copying features isn't 'merging')

Abel Daniel

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