[Tutor] osx python editor

Scot W. Stevenson scot at possum.in-berlin.de
Mon Oct 13 21:35:34 EDT 2003

Hello Kim, 

> i'm making the transition from perl to python, i'm trying to  convert a
> lot of tools into python so they can be maintained a little better.
> I'm looking at doing alot of my work under osx  rather than linux. 

I'm sure somebody has already pointed this out or that you have already 
considered this solution and found it lacking, but just to be sure: You 
might want to try an editor that will run on just about any platform, so you 
don't have to care which operating system you are running. My favorite is 
vim (http://www.vim.org), which runs on just about anything above a 6502 and 
is beautiful for pythonizing. You will, however, have to invest a bit of 
time to become familiar with it. 

Various Mac versions seem to live at 


The vim page has more info.

Note to the list: vim has a new Python script, check


for details. Haven't tried it out myself yet.

Y, Scot

                Scot W. Stevenson - Zepernick, Germany

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