[Tutor] Simple profile of cx_Freeze and py2exe

Alex Newby alex at alexnewby.com
Fri Apr 2 01:28:03 EST 2004

Given the discussion on converting Py to Exe, I tried both cx_Freeze and
py2exe. I created a simple,

print "hello world"

and, applied both utilities. Gordon MacMillan's site appears to be
off-line, so his installer is excluded.

1. cx_Freeze ~ 3 files

hello.exe 207kb
dist is 1.18mb
memory usage is 3,160K

2. py2exe ~ 5 files

hello.exe 20kb
library.zip 204kb
dist is 1.21mb
memory usage is 2,948K

cx_Freeze seems tidier and easier to initially use (no setup.py) than
py2exe. Perhaps, py2exe has other advantages that I'm not aware of. I'm
curious why cx_Freeze receives relatively little press. Before it was
discussed here I was completely unaware of its existence.  

Alex Newby

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