[Tutor] counting space-delimited strings within a sequence

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Well this works:
>>> a = "How    do you 			do?"
>>> b = a.split()
>>> n = len(b)
>>> if not n:	#or if n == 0
... 	n = 1

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This is probably a very simple question, but I am not sure of the best way
to handle it. I am attempting to determine the number of parameters that
are passed into my function. There might be none. I wrote the following:

        args = parameters.split(" ")
        for count in args:

        self.numparams = i

but if there are no parameters, self.numparams is still set to 1 instead
of 0. I don't understand, but when I run this in idle, I get the same
result. How do I split up a string of words which are space-delimited and
handle the empty string as well?  And yes, I'm sure that I'm just missing
some fundamental Pythonism.


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