[Tutor] puzzled by ident after list statement in IDLE

Michael Janssen Janssen at rz.uni-frankfurt.de
Sat Apr 3 07:22:33 EST 2004

On Sat, 3 Apr 2004, Brian van den Broek wrote:

> But what I get is
>  >>> list(queens(5, (0, 2))
>       |

this is a case of "refusing correct indentation on error": you've
missed a final closing bracket. That's all...

The editor should give you some feedback about closing brackets so
you are warned when this feedback doesn't come. Further the
incorrect indentation should behave not like an indetation at all:
typeing backspace refuses to do a 4 spaces jump back. I don't now
what IDLE does but this is what emacs tries to help me.


> Where the "|" represents the flashing cursor. (If I hit enter, I
> drop a line, and any other input gives a syntax error.) So, save
> the lack of syntax colouring, it looks much like I'd entered
> something like:

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