[Tutor] File Access

Christian Wyglendowski Christian.Wyglendowski at greenville.edu
Wed Apr 7 12:05:15 EDT 2004

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> Hi folks,
> I need to go to the last line of a file and then to the start 
> of a delimited section of that line, such as
> $ cat file.txt
> var1|var2|var3|var4|var5|var6|var7
> var1|var2|var3|var4|var5|var6
> var1|var2|var3|var4|var5|var6
> What I want to do is goto the last line in the imaginary 
> file.txt above and extract var3 for example.

You might want to check out the following recipe at the python cookbook.
It is kind of a basic tail written in python.


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