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John M. Purser jmpurser at comcast.net
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Thanks to all who replied.  Oh well I did get pretty good at looking things
up in the python documentation in the three years I wandered lost and alone!

Okay now who can plumb the depths of my ignorance!

John Purser

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On Sat, 10 Apr 2004, John M. Purser wrote:

> Just so I can measure the duration of my ignorance: How long has Python
> had help()?

Hi John

Ka-Ping Yee wrote the 'pydoc' module module quite a while back, and that
module was incorporated into the Standard Library around Python 2.1:


pydoc.help() was accessible around then, but it was a little awkward to
type 'from pydoc import help' every time one wanted to use it.  We had a
discussion on getting help() as a builtin on the edu-sig list,


As a result of that fruitful discussion, Guido checked in a patch to make
help() a builtin.


So, in short: we've had help() since about 2001.  *grin*

Hope this helps!

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