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Your english doesn't seem so bad, et least better than mine (i'm french :-).
If you plan to go on with computers, I would encourage you to learn and work
both in dutch and english.

On one side, you will quickly realise how poor, repetitive and easy the
technical language is : once you get a few key words and expressions, that's
it ! The point is, maybe, that most of  the books and tutorials are, to my
opinion, pedagogically really poor -- including Guido's writings. One
notable exception is "how to think like a computer scientist", which helps
and understand python's particularities ; and also learn how to program
You'll find it (download) on www.thinkpython.com or www.ibiblio.org

On the other hand, an interesting experience is to mix language (in this
case : dutch, english and... python). You can program in your own language,
naming (variable, functions, etc) and commenting in dutch. Also try the
pretty funny test of translating python's slang (keyword, function names...)
into dutch. What words would you choose ?


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I found:
by googling "python, Dutch, documents".

I found the next link at www.python.org under documents and non-English

Good Luck,

John Purser

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Hello Python,

I'm Noud Aldenhoven,
I'm 15 years old and
I'm from Holland.

I started a month ago with Python, the first programming languisch I ever
studied. But I've one big problem...
My english is ways to bad to read the Python Tutrial in Enlish. So here's my

'Isn't there anywhere a complete Dutch Tutorial for Python?'

If there isn't:

'Does someone who can speak Dutch and can programe with Python want to help
me to tell me more about Python?'

Thank you all!

Noud Aldenhoven

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