[Tutor] 'Common' mistake ... for other newbies

David Broadwell dbroadwell at mindspring.com
Mon Apr 12 19:02:25 EDT 2004

> Thank you David for this clear message.
Glad I decided to send anyway ... but it seeded a shame to waste the thought
on it.

> Are they here people who think that such a so-called "mistake"
> is not a mistake ?
Not in though but;

> That David programmed  the way he (and we, humans should and
> that the error lies in language, not in his brain ?
I DID have an error, I was going the long way around of getting a random
item from a list.

The function for that is;


instead of;


Which are computationally equivalent in effect. Can't answer about speed,

In that situation, I should never have been wasting my personal runtime on
numerical indexes, is not python a 'very' high level language after all?

> Why are indexes based on 0 instead of 1 ?
Tradition. And having done basic logic circuits, I should have known better.
Call it a mistake from a 6 month lapse in coding.

Wasting my brain time is in fact WHY I started programming at all. I hate
doing things twice. Especially typing them twice. I hit a case of repetitive
copying and pasting of text files 425 of them into a new format and decided
it was time to code a routine. Other commentary of why one started

> [PS : if you're interested in such a way of reflexion, like "ameliorating
> python", or "the ideal programming language", I would really welcome your
> ideas -- outside the list]
I kind of think there is no perfect language, so far python (my first
language grok) is the closest that has trained the ability to be functional
as well as close.


Programmer's mantra; Observe, Brainstorm, Prototype, Repeat

David Broadwell

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