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Fri Apr 16 18:30:11 EDT 2004

I wouldn't suggest such a thing in python Noud. There are already plenty of
databases out there.  I'd suggest taking a peak at berkely db (python comes with
an api to use it I beleive).  To become a better programmer I think doing a
problem that possibly uses a premade database might be a better idea.  Beyond
simple table like database, making one is actually rather complex and takes a
lot of math knowledge to implement correctly.

On Fri, 16 Apr 2004 22:01:32 +0200
"nouda" <nouda at freemail.nl> wrote:

> Hello again.
> I want to make, to become better in programming, a simple Database.
> This Database can save texts, titles and dates. If it saves a text (with 
> title and date) it can be read again and it will be saved into a .txt file.
> Are there any tutorials on Internet which explain some more about databases 
> and how to make them?
> Thank you,
> Noud Aldenhoven
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