[Tutor] Web app in Python: alternatives to CGI?

Terry Carroll carroll at tjc.com
Sat Apr 17 01:46:03 EDT 2004

Just checking: I want to use Python to write a web application that will 
prompt the user for input, and do some calculations with the input, and 
provide an answer.

Is CGI my only choice?

The nature of my app is that whether one set or another set of questions 
will be asked depends on the replies to earlier questions; so I need 
something that handles that well, and trying to tie multiple prompts into 
a CGI program, using either cookies, hidden date or some other trick isn't 
something I'd really like to do.

(Okay: what I want to do is write something that will calculate the 
copyright expiration date of a work based on data supplied by the user, 
and the rules for this vary wildly, depending on whether and when the work 
was published.  For example, for works published prior to 1978, the date 
of publication is critical, but irrelevant for (most) other works; for 
works created after 1977, the date of the author's death is the critical 
factor.  And let's not even talk about works created (but not pubished) 
prior to 1978.  Way too complicated to explain, easier to just code.)

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