[Tutor] Re: Tkinter dilemas

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 20 20:04:26 EDT 2004

>I fear that there is no really beginner-friendly way of writing GUI code
>in Python. Tkinter isn't great, but the other GUI tool kits are thin
>wrappers for C or C++ libraries where quirks caused by the underlying
>language shine through. We can't really compete with VB on the beginner
>level here... Will someone please write PyNewbieGui or VisualPython?

I really like pythoncard for simple, cross-platform gui programs.

If you are on Linux or BSD, then PyQT / PyKDE are pretty easy to
work with also.

Of course, I have never used VB (thankful for the small things in
life :o) so I cannot really make a comparison.

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