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> ML>   - If you have made a program like the one I suggested, you can
> always
> ML>     wrap it in a GUI or a Web UI. If it's a well written python
> program,
> And this is an absolutely vital point. If you structure your
> program well you can separate the interface from the working
> code. This allows you to wrap it in a GUI as well as have a
> CLI. The users get the best of both worlds.
> ML>  - People who only use GUIs never learn how to actually empower
> ML> themselves by making the computer work for them in an effective
> ML> way. They use the computer as "power steering" to make their
> ML> work a little simpler,

I got started (but didn't finish) a Dietitian tool and thinking it would be
nice separate the UI from the code I tried first to do this with a menu
driven text UI.  They code for the UI got way more complex and confusing
than the program logic.  Since I have lambasted myself for not just
designing the GUI first then doing the engine part.  I'm doing this now on a
project I'm doing it's helping me to better understand what needs to be
done.  Perhaps this is because of my exposure to GUI's that I kind of think
in them.

However the conversation on pipes and filters and stuff is interesting.  I
was reading about modularity (where I cannot remember, think it was the guy
who started bonobo 'GNOME') they author mentioned the UNIX way of doing
things.  He mentioned COM and how much he liked it and others Like CORBA
XML-RPC.  I just wanted to comment on this because the UNIX way seems more
error prone than the remote procedure calls.  With RPC's you can be
reasonable certain about the data and stuff.  However this has more or less
been said in this thread in regards to python's import functionality.  It's
my impression that the UNIX way is kind of the old way, oven open source is
going toward greater and greater abstraction.  GNOME team seems to be
putting a lot of wieght behind the MONO project.  For what it's work C# look
pretty decent.

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