[Tutor] Python development-moving from Windows to Linux (finally)

Tony Cappellini tony at tcapp.com
Thu Apr 22 12:49:32 EDT 2004

I've installed Python on a linux system, and now I'm trying to understand
how to better configure my environment for executing python scripts that
I've written.

THe scripts that I've written do have the shebang line, and do have the
permissions set to executable.

However, since I've written so many, I don't think it is really feasible
add 20 or more directories to my path, or to PYTHONPATH.
When developing a script, I usually test is in the current project
directory, until it's finished. Then I move the script to a directory in
execution path.

Just like a binary exectuable, I would like to have all of my executable
python scripts in one directory (ie /home/tony/bin - or whatever I

However, when I'm not in the directory where my python scripts are, I find
that I need to add the explicit path to the python script, in order to be
able to run it

This mechanism obviosuly defeats the whole purpose of having directories
in a searcable path.

I've already added /home/tony/bin to my PYTHONPATH (all caps) in
my.bashrc, and exported it.

I can see it by typing echo $PYTHONPATH

Would anyone care to drope me a hint ?


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