[Tutor] Python development-moving from Windows to Linux (finally)

Tony Cappellini tony at tcapp.com
Thu Apr 22 19:26:03 EDT 2004

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Alan Gauld wrote:

> > > need to be somewhere in your $PATH, which specifies where the
> shell
> > > looks for executables when you try to run them. So just add
> > > /home/tony/bin to your $PATH variable.
> >
> > This is already in the path. It was a default, I didn't add it.
> > This is why I don't understand why I need to use
> > /home/tony/bin/myscript.py to run my scripts.
> Have you changed the mode to executable with chmod?
> Is Python in the PATH - ie if you type python does
> the >>> prompt come up OK?
> If yes to both the above what error exactly does the
> shell give? Can you cut n paste a sample?

it looks like I didn't type the file extension, of the script I was trying
to execute.


/home/bin/myscript.py now executes when I type

myscript.py - from any directory

to simplify things for the future
I've put all the files needed for this program, in a subdir, under bin,
and put a symbolic link in /home/tony/bin, so I don't need the extension
to invoke
the script.

thanks to all who helped with this

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