[Tutor] Parallel port interface

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Apr 25 15:15:30 EDT 2004

> We're doing a research project that involves controlling
> speeds and we're reading/writing data from the parallel port.

For DOS?WIndows have you tried just writing to the LPT: on PRN:

> If the program could be portable in Windows and Linux it would be a
> plus.

I doubt that it will be possible, low level I/O is always one of
the least portable things in an OS, its down at the level of device

Logical devices like printers can be controlled via a high lrevel
protocol like lpr but if its the actual port you are controlling
then I suspect you'll need to write your own interfaces and switch
according to OS...

> Any hints for modules I should take a look at?

If you do find a platform neutral module I'd be interested in
hearing about it though...

Alan G

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