[Tutor] Re: Parallel port interface

Shantanoo python at dhumketu.cjb.net
Tue Apr 27 11:13:14 EDT 2004

+++ Jorge Godoy [25-04-04 12:11 -0300]:
| Hi!
| We're doing a research project that involves controlling mini-windtrap
| speeds and we're reading/writing data from the parallel port.
| What I've found so far on a fast Google search for "python parallel port"
| showed me some stuff that I'd have to interface with Python through SWIG.
| If the program could be portable in Windows and Linux it would be a big
| plus. We're thinking --- if it can't be written entirely in Python or with
| modules that already have binaries for Windows --- in using a Linux only
| approach (we, the programmers, use Linux only).
| Any hints for modules I should take a look at? 

google for "pyparallel"


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