[Tutor] Re: wxPython Gui notebook

Jorge Godoy godoy at ieee.org
Wed Apr 28 17:48:45 EDT 2004

On Qua 28 Abr 2004 15:02, firephreek wrote:

> If I want to put a 'notebook' into my window, do I first create a
> wxFrame object to stick it into?  Or does the notebook come first, with
> a frame inside it?  Which is higher up on the totem pole?  Or are they
> the same?  Are there any other good tutorials?  I'm going through the
> wiki, and that's fine, but it leaves some questions when I go through
> the demo code that comes with wxPython.

You should create the App, then the Frame, then add a sizer to the Frame,
then add the Notebook to the sizer, then add pages to the notebook, then
add panels then sizers, then objects to the sizers.

Try using something like Boa Constructor or wxGlade. It will make your
starting easier. 

With regard to starting with wxPython, try the wiki:

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